Spying On Cell Phones

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Spybubble Review- Best mobile phone surveillance application

Spybubble is the latest mobile phone spy software to enter the market to date (2010). If you are curious about this type of surveillance technology it is pretty simple to explain. A cell phone surveillance application is used to secretly monitor communications made by a mobile phone of your choice. Therefore after downloading a spy app like Spybubble onto the target smart phone you will be able to do things like secretly read text messages; view the entire call log; track the person via gps tracking etc. When you are ready to view the information then you will login onto the main website with your username and password. This can be done anywhere and at anytime you wish. All records are then presented to you in a friendly user interface in which you can sort, search or filter results.


This spy application provides you with the minimal requirements required to get a true picture of what is going on with the cell phone user. There are other spy software packages out there which have tonnes of features which even include the ability to listen into a cell phone conversation. This is great but it is not necessary and many of these applications also charge an exorbitant yearly subscription fees of $199.00 USD and up for their services. Spybubble is simple and unlike the other types of spy apps on the market today there is a one time $59.99 fee and that is it. Below is a list features offered by this cell phone spy software application:

SMS or text message tracking: Many people send sensitive and confidential information via text message. This feature allows you to read all SMS correspondences sent and received even though the messages were erased. Additional information such as the time and date of the communication is also recorded.

  • Call logging: Record all incoming and outgoing calls with the relevant times and dates.

  • Phone book access: You can now access all the names and numbers in the mobile phone contact book. This is whether this information is in the memory of the Phone or on the SIM Card. As a result you can link the phone number to the person in their phone book.

  • Complete Stealth: There is no trace of Spybubble on the target smart phone so your spouse, child or employee will be clueless to the fact their mobile phone is being monitored. In their mind it is business as usual and it is ok for them to do what they are accustomed doing.

  • Mobile phone GPS tracker: This has to be seen. By using this mobile phone spy software you will be able to get the actual location of the smart phone in question. Take a look below at a screen shot of the system. The spy app has even narrowed the person in question to the car park of the mall. All adjacent streets are presented to you and there are abilities to switch views, zoom in, zoom out etc. This only works if the smart phone comes with a gps chip (most phones come with this as a standard.

Spy bubble compatible phones

Spybubble functions with all the major cell phone manufacturers which are Symbian, Android, iphone, windows mobile and also blackberry. These brands constitute to 95% of the phones used today in the world. Therefore if the target phone was to change then you will have no trouble transferring this spy app to the respective phone. The ability to spy on an iphone is especially pertinent because this is slowly becoming the phone of choice globally. Not many iphone spy software exist out there today so if you want one then Spy bubble is definitely there for grabs.

Reasons to download Spybubble?

  • The main reason why people are downloading this software is to discover the truth about a particular situation. The fact still remains that people lie and you will never know what is really going on until you pry. Below are the main reasons why people are using Spybubble today in their lives:

  • Catch a cheating lover: When you are in love it is sometimes difficult to determine what is true from what is fake. Signs of cheating are usually in front of you but also good excuses and explanations by your lover. To be certain above a reasonable doubt the best way is to do some surveillance. Usually communications concerning infidelity will be seen on your lover cell phone but these are usually deleted before you have chance to see them. Mobile phone monitoring software gives you the ability to see these communications even if they were deleted.

  • Keep an eye on the kids: Children are the most vulnerable part of society and as a parent you can never have an eye on them everywhere they go. Spy bubble gives you the ability to watch them even though there are not in your presence. By using features such as the gps tracker you will know their location at all times or the text message spy to see if they are involved in sexting you will stay ahead of the game.

  • Employee monitoring: Although we are accustomed to computer monitoring in workplace employers are now keeping tabs of their employees through cell phone surveillance software as well. This especially with employees who are in the area of sales and other outdoor jobs. You will know if they made an appointment in time and even if they are goofing off on the job. This is an excellent tool for maintaining productivity levels.

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Mobile Forensics is defined as “the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods.” (NIST)

Mobile phones can provide several different kinds of forensic evidence.

Electronic evidence
This can include

  • * Call history
  • * Contacts
  • * SMS 'text message' history
  • * Calendar information
  • * Images
  • * Video files
  • * Audio files
  • * Mobile Web browsing history
  • * The SIM card's Location Information File can provide information about the last cells in which the phone was active
  • * IMEI/ESN information

Physical evidence
* DNA - "one source of DNA on a phone is loose cheek cells that have settled in the microphone from the users breath." Skin flakes on the button recesses and earpiece can also yield DNA evidence. (New Scientist, 2007)
* Fingerprints - the article mentioned that "sliding a SIM card into its slot often leaves a highly readable fingerprint." (New Scientist, 2007)

Retained data evidence

The EU requires its members countries to retain certain telecommunications data for use in investigations. This includes data on calls made and retrieved. The location of a mobile phone can be determined and this geographical data must also be retained. Although this is a different science than forensic analysis which is undertaken once the mobile phone has been seized.

Evidence that can be potentially recovered by law enforcement agents from a mobile phone may come from several different sources:

* SIM Card - e.g. last calls dialled
* Handset - e.g. contact lists
* Memory Card - e.g. - video files

Extraction methods

Generally products tend to split mobile forensics information extraction into two different methods, the physical extraction and the logical extraction. The reason for this split is because unlike a personal computer which has a standardized interface, mobile phones tend to use proprietary interfaces or deviate from standards. This means that generally it will take longer to develop a product which can produce a bit by bit copy of the flash memory. In some instances it might even be impossible.

Manual extraction

If a product can not be found which supports extraction of data from a device, a manual examination is generally carried out by the forensic examiner. This generally involves stepping through the user interface of the device and photographing each entry. The manual procedure can be extremely time consuming as a device can contain thousands of entries such as SMS.

Logical extraction

Logical extraction is the extraction of information from the device using the vendor interface for synchronizing the contents of the phone with a [personal computer]. This usually does not produce any deleted information due to it normally being removed from the file system of the phone. However in some cases the phone may keep a [database] file of information which does not overwrite the information but simply marks it as deleted and available for later overwriting. In this case, if the device allows [file system] access through their synchronization interface, it is possible to recover deleted information.

A logical extraction is generally easier to work with as it does not produce a large [binary blob]. However a skilled forensic examiner will be able to extract far more information from a physical extraction.

Physical extraction

Physical extraction is the extraction of information from the device by direct access to the [flash memories]. Generally this is harder to achieve because the device vendors needs to secure against arbitrary reading of memory so that a device may be locked to a certain operator. A physical extraction is the method most similar to the examination of a [personal computer]. It produces a bit by bit copy of the device [flash memories]. Generally the physical extraction is then split into two steps, the dumping phase and the decoding phase.

Dumping phase

Dumping is the process of connecting to the device and retrieving a bit by bit copy of the flash memory. This generally involves some sort of security bypass for the device leading to execution of the code responsible for reading the flash memory and transmitting it to another device, usually a personal computer, for later examination. It is equivalent to the step which takes a sector by sector copy of a hard drive. In a good implementation of the dumping phase you will also get access to data which the device has marked as deleted or bad. Flash devices tend to perform [wear leveling] due to the fact that flash memory has a limited number of writes. This leads to information usually being replicated in many areas of a chip which makes deletion of data on flash media harder than simply overwriting the original file.

Decoding phase

Decoding is the process of taking a bit by bit copy of the flash memory and extracting information from the dump. There are two main ways of decoding information in a flash dump, either by arbitrary scanning the whole dump for a pattern or by decoding the flash translation layer, then file system layer and finally the file data.

The first method which searches for data patterns in the whole dump can generally extract more information but can run into issues where the data is fragmented and impossible to recover using this method. This is due to the fact that flash memories are first wear leveled which splits data into different sizes and spreads it out over the memory and in the next layer the file system generally splits file data further due to allocation of blocks.

Chip desoldering

In the cases where no product support dumping a device it is possible to desolder the flash chips from the PCB of the device. The flash chips are then usually read using custom hardware or a commercial off the shelf memory programmer. The resulting flash memory dump can then be run through the decoding step of the physical dumping procedure.
Forensic techniques

There are different methods of retrieving the evidence, starting from simple screen captures over forensic software tools to bit-exact memory dumps using JTAG.

Because there is no standard common operating system for mobile phones (unlike Windows in the world of computers) there is no one perfect solution. The software tools differ in the supported models, connection types and cost. Another criterion is whether the evidence they recover can be accepted in court. The ideal solution is to have several different tools available to use.

The ever-changing mobile phone marked with new models released on weekly basis poses a huge challenge to the forensic examiner. Issues of connective and compatibility arise. In order to compensate for this problem some forensic products come with an update service.